Who is Axel?

Axel Claussen is a German-born Pittsburgher, messenger of everlasting love, and pretzel baker! He started Axel's Pretzels in 2013 when he had a craving for "Ein Brezel" from his local German Bakery back home in Eberbach. When he was unable to find any properly baked pretzels in the Pittsburgh area, he decided to try baking his own. Today, he and his son bake artisanal German soft pretzels with all organic and vegan friendly ingredients. 

The father-son team put an emphasis on not only loving what you eat, but also loving how and why you eat. Our dedication to using the highest quality organic ingredients is shown through our creative passion, loyal Pittsburgh neighbors, and soft pretzels!

Visit our Virtual Pretzel Bakery to order 12 or 24 of our pretzels to your doorstep. Shipping is FREE!